Entities registered with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC”) continue to wrestle with the complexities of the NERC reliability implementation, compliance and enforcement process. Full audit schedules within each Regional Entity ensure that the stakes remain high for Registered Entities.

NERC reliability standards are designed to ensure that the right practices are in place so the likelihood and severity of future bulk power system disturbances are substantially reduced.

EPS provides experienced personnel to conduct Gap Analysis Surveys, which utilizes a process based on DOE Best Practices and Methodology.
A detailed review will be conducted to determine which Standards are applicable to your facility based on your NERC registration as a Load Serving Entity, Distribution Provider, Generation Owner and/or Operator.

Key Areas of Consideration

  • Identify which standards you must comply with. Keep in mind that some standards are not yet final and even those that have been approved are subject to change
  • Identify data needed to demonstrate Compliance and what tools and processes will be needed to manage the Compliance Process
  • Identify key individuals responsible for each standard
  • Assess Current verses fully Compliant Status and identify gaps
  • Prepare a plan to remedy each deficiency
  • Prioritize deficiency remedies
  • Implement remedies
  • Ensure ongoing data compilation for Compliance

Any new regulatory requirements pose risks and the implementation of NERC reliability standards compliance is no exception. Entities that act early and proactively to be certified compliant will benefit in many ways. Most importantly they will establish a positive relationship with NERC auditors and rule setting committees that will enhance their influence in setting further reliability compliance standards.

Our NERC Reliability Compliance Engineers are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the ever changing reliability compliance arena.

Compliance Testing & Modeling

EPS personnel have provided unit testing and modeling services for hundreds of units in the US Mainland, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam.  EPS provides testing and modeling for compliance with the following standards:

MOD-0024 – Verification of Generator Gross and Net Real Power Capability

MOD-0025 – Verification of Generator Gross and Net Reactive Power Capability

MOD-026 – Verification of Models and Data for Generator Excitation System

MOD-027 – Verification of Models and Data for Turbine/Governor and Load Control or Active Power/Frequency Control Functions

EPS can develop test procedures, test outlines and coordinate generation owner’s requirements with NERC requirements and procedures.

EPS can develop PSS/E or GE PSLF models for the testing and verification results and ensure the models are in compliance with all requirements. EPS can provide draft and final reports detailing the components and procedures used for modeling each of the parameters, input measurements for each component, and model input data.  EPS will provide a comparison of actual vs simulated model response for each of the components required in the standards.

MOD-033 – In addition to the testing and modeling services, EPS provides technical services to validate and update dynamic models using actual system events to validate and tune the system model with each planning area. EPS will provide documentation of the recordings and measurements used for validation, initial and final model simulations of the result and detailed explanations and justifications for all changes from the original model.

PRC-002 – Disturbance Monitoring and Data Reporting

EPS can design and install NERC approved disturbance monitoring equipment to meet the upcoming requirements.